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The Hospice Society

Offers a Free Service of Care that Values Life
until The Moment it Ends

  • We are a registered Charitable Organization. Our number for tax receipts is:11887 9535 RR0001
  • We rely on your support to continue to provide service to our community.
  • Most of our funding comes from the generosity of individuals and organizations in the Creston Valley.

How to contact us by mail or phone:

Phone: 250-428-7575

Physical address—for government registration purposes & for mailing:

#1 1720 Birch Street
Creston, B.C.
V0B 1G5

What happens when Hospice is contacted?

  • Our Hospice Coordinator will speak with you to explain the program and to learn about your needs.
  • An appropriate volunteer can then be chosen if you so desire.
  • We can by pass this process and respond quickly if the need is urgent.

What else does Hospice do?

  • maintains resource materials in the Creston Library;
  • distributes informational materials to the hospital and doctors’ offices
  • provides speakers for community awareness;
  • helps in finding hospices in other areas.

The loving hands of a caregiverTortoiseshell butterfly. A butterfly is the symbol of Hospice

A Brief History

After World War 2, Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross found drawings and carvings of butterflies on concentration camp walls. The butterfly symbolizes the transition between life and death, and is used by Hospice Societies worldwide

As an organization, Hospice was begun by Dr. Cicely Saunders in London, England, during the 1960’s at Saint Christopher’s Hospital (the saint of travelers). Dr Saunders was knighted in 1960 for her work in palliative care.

In 1981 Dr. Helen Hays brought hospice to a hospital in Edmonton, Canada

In 1987, Dr. William Mitchell-Banks and Rev. Harry Haberstock founded the Creston Valley Hospice Society.

We've opened an account with Creston-Kootenay Foundation. We can now, therefore, accept remembrances, gifts, donations, etc., into our account.
Visit:Creston Kootenay Foundation

What is hospice?

The Creston Valley Hospice Society is made up of a group of trained volunteers dedicated to provide free compassionate emotional support to terminally ill patients; to their families and friends; in the home, hospital or care facility; during and after the end of the loved one's life.

“Hospice care allows people to live until they die, their families to live with them as they are dying and to go on living afterwards....”

“You matter to the last moment of your life”
Elizabeth Kubler–Ross

Hospice Volunteers

  • are carefully selected and trained;
  • listen without judging;
  • respect religious beliefs without imposing their own values;
  • respect confidentiality;
  • offer time out for families;
  • are ordinary people, many of whom have experienced the loss of a loved one
  • work to support Hospice through fund raising events
  • Volunteers recognized at our anniversary celebration:
    • Debbie Whitehouse - newsletter producer
    • Sandy Andrews - long time volunteer>
    • Thelma Destobel - 30 year volunteer
    • Benita Josephson - 30 year volunteer, 15 years coordinator
    • These four together have contributed more than 100 years of service!
    • Christine Smith - coordinator beginning 1st November